OEM's highly skilled warehouse staff ensure:


 All goods are securely packaged inside high quality cardboard boxes with protective materials providing extra support.

Larger orders are then palletised and strapped down to ensure the goods are protected during their onward journey to the client.

When extra security and protection is needed, order crating is provided with goods being secured inside strongly timber crates. This allows peace of mind knowing your order, no matter how fragile, will reach you in the required state.

If an order contains hazardous items, OEM will arrange for specialist haz-packing depending on the client’s desired mode of transport. Any necessary accompanying documentation such as Dangerous Goods Declaration or MSDS, will also be provided.

Each one of our orders are then finalised by attaching the below documentation         

          1. Delivery Note

          2. Invoice

          3. Cover sheet (This includes the client’s end destination, PO number and OEM reference number.)